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Nulled Chess board Free Download

This is an updated version of the chess set and game board.
It is mainly made up of quads and modelled to scale in cm.

The scene consists of all 32 chess pieces which are modelled using polys.
The models have been applied a subdivision modifier to improve them in the renders.
The board (which is low poly) and all 5 materials and 1 texture is also included.

The Materials can be easily changed to be used by other render programs.
They were all updated and modified to work with V-ray 2 and 3.
Also the file has been updated to use gamma 2.2

All the pieces have their pivots set in the correct position and ready to animate or just populate a scene.

In these renders I have used a low quality HDR image which is not included with the model.
Also for the render the knight piece was rendered with turbosmooth at 1.


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