Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Free Download


Nulled Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Free Download

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Nulled Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Free Download

Atmospheric music. Great for: travel blogs, social videos, love stories, documentaries, family shots, openings, slideshows, romantic moments, ads, presentations, etc.

This track features 2 versions and 2 loops for extra versatility and usability.

❶ Full- 1:41
❷ Short – 0:58
❸ Loop – 0:21
❹ Loop 2 – 0:21

All files represented in WAV and MP3

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you are welcome to use any of my preview tracks in your video item
Just send me a link to your project so I can put it in the description of my track. In addition, I can provide you with custom edits of your choice.


Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Free Download

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