Nulled 3D CD Cases ++ Free Download

Nulled 3D CD Cases ++ Free Download


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This set of 3D rendered CD cases is a wonderful addition to any designers set of tools.

The set comes complete with several different rendered perspective views at 2000×2000 pixels each showing:

– single case
– stack of 10 cases
– stack of 4 cases with 1 on an angle on top
– high perspective view looking down on the case

As if that were not enough each view comes with a set of custom actions taylored specifically for that view. This set of Photoshop actions include:

– set action for each cover art image to be placed at the proper perspective (images for cover art 1612×1612 pixels simply need to be placed on a new layer above the cd case and then simply run the appropriate action for that specific view)
– each view also has a custom action to add scratched to the view by a simple press of a button. The effect is applied to a new layer and can be adjusted via the opacity for desired effect.

Also the primary perspective view comes with a PSD file that has several different effects seperated on layers as shown in the preview that can be turned on / off or combined as needed.

The view shown that has the single case stacked on top of the 4 others are all seperate files that can be combined for this effect. I wanted to allow for cover art to be placed on each layer. Each file has a cooresponding action with the same name of the file for easy use.

Again, to use the custom actions simply start Photoshop and load the action set provided in the .zip file.

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