Nulled Facebook Traffic Pop Free Download



Nulled Facebook Traffic Pop Free Download

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Nulled Facebook Traffic Pop Free Download

Tap into Facebook’s 600 million plus users now with the hottest Facebook traffic plugin. Facebook Traffc Pop is a new breed of ‘popups’ that will allow you to have your users like your pages, instead of trying to get them to click ads. More likes = more exposure = more traffic = more money!
View the example here:


  • Optional close and advanced close features like clicking outside of the popup and using the escape key.
  • Delay timer to wait a certain amount of time before the popup shows.
  • LOCKS out ALL page functionality behind the popup!
  • Popup stays fixed in middle of screen as user scrolls!
  • Share Button – You can now use a customized Facebook Share button to unlock traffic pop!
  • Cookies remember users who already ‘Liked’ the page
  • Specify any URL or use the current page address automatically. – Use a URL of your choice, or enter a Facebook Page URL to have people becomes fans of your Facebook Page.
  • Works on all sites and big and small
  • Fully customizable CSS.
  • Viral, Facebook styled pop-up is proven to induce more ‘Like’ clicks!
  • Make Facebook your slave with one line of code!
  • jQuery style plugin with full documentation!
  • Can disable timer completely requiring user to like or close (if enabled)
  • Set background shadow opacity via options

Includes full source with documentation and demo examples, and I have even included a blank template for you to build pages off with no set-up required!


“Just want to say, Great Little Script. I am running it on my arcade and see good results.”
– jwebxpress

“Bought it, goooood stuff. Worth 10X the money if used with a bit of creativity.”
– lismos

“I have been testing this on small site I have (2,000 uniques a day) and I have already accumulated over 1,000 fans to it’s Facebook Page. People are sharing the content and traffic is building at a steady rate after introducing Facebook Traffic Pop.”


* Version 3.3.2 ( Uploaded 7/31/2013 )
- More updates for Facebooks Like API

* Version 3.3.1 ( Uploaded 7/28/2013 )
- Includes work around for Facebook API Bug keeping popup
from closing and staying closed after Like

* Version 3.3.0 ( Uploaded 3/20/2013 )
- Added share button support
- Added close button cookie support
- Updated CSS

* Version 3.1.1 ( Uploaded 10/4/2012 )
- Fixes Facebook cookie issues

* Version 3.1 - ( Uploaded 9/18/2012 )
- Added onClick ability!
- CSS has been updated for new versions of FireFox

* Version 3.0 - ( Uploaded 4/25/2012 )
- CSS updated for Opera and Chrome
- Cookie format adjusted to work with all versions backwards.

* Version 2.0 - ( Uploaded 9/5/2011 )
- Popup delay feature added
- Popup now stats centered when scrolling
- Advanced close features added
- Current URL feature added
- No more need to add markup to your pages!



Nulled Facebook Traffic Pop Free Download

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