Nulled iCoinic Coin Converter Free Download

Nulled iCoinic Coin Converter Free Download


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Rapid access to information in general and market developments in particular is becoming essential. Source of information, data availability and interface to access data are the main components for reliable user experience.

This app is the ultimate solution to provide interactive, reliable and instantaneous access to market developments. It provides simple screens (rich in functionalities) to facilitate getting equivalent value in several digital assets as well as in fiat currency (US Dollar) interchangeably.

The app consists of one main screen, which facilitates navigation between two screens:
– Exchange/ Converter Screen
– All Digital Assets added to local database

In addition, the user will have access to master listing of all coins/ tokens listed with the service provider to add from.

This template app carries so many benefits in terms of architecture and implementation:
– is built with MVVM architecture in mind.
– uses Apple Combine framework for all api calls and managing local data.
– comes with around 9 custom ui components, like:
– search bar
– navigation bar
– async image view (including error handling)
– action button
– swipe action
– sorting symbol
– sorting label
– navigation bar action button
– scroll up button
– comes with couple of custom utilities and generic methods, like:
– url builder
– network manager using Combine
– generic sorting method
– custom font modifiers specially for price/ market movement indicator
– is integrated with Nomics ( as market data api provider. In order to maintain consistency and flexibility in replacing market data api provider, the integration is done by splitting data structure into:
– structure of api service provider, and
– structure of local data

– Supports iOS 16.0
– MVVM Architecture
– Combine Framework
– Custom UI Components
– Generic/ Reusable Functions and Components
– User defaults capability
– Responsive UI

– API Key from Nomics
– XCode 14.1
– iOS 16 simulator or device

– Unpack the Template App zip file into Xcode project folder.
– Open the project app in Xcode (File -> Open) and navigate to Xcode project name iCoinic Converter.
– Update the Signing and Capabilities of the project targets in Xcode to create a new bundle identifier.

Once the Nomics API Key is ready:
– navigate for APIKey-Info.plist
– insert the api key in the value field of property name “API_KEY_NOMICS”

Visit Nomics website ( and navigate to get an API Key.

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