Nulled Instagram Theatre Free Download



Nulled Instagram Theatre Free Download

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Nulled Instagram Theatre Free Download

Welcome to Instagram Theatre

Create the ultimate Instagram gallery/portfolio with Instagram Theatre. This is a plugin designed to allow you to easily pull photos from your
Instagram account and render them on your website. You can enjoy using several different layouts including grid, list, and full-screen. This plugin also comes with three fully responsive site templates so you can make your user experience similar to the one in the demo and a stand alone jQuery plugin for users who wish to use Instagram Theatre without using wordpress. Simply install the plugin
and we take care of the rest!


Instagram Theatre is easy to use right out of the box, but it also has
some nice features for advance users. See the list of available features in the list below.


  • Fullscreen Layout Mode –
    This view mode turns your site into a fullscreen gallery using either you
    Instagram photos or photos of your own.
  • Thumnail Layout Mode –
    This view mode creates a really cool grid like layout for your photo gallery. When a
    user clicks on a photo, a larger version of it expands in a fancybox!
  • List Layout Mode –
    This view mode displays your photos in a list format. When a user hovers the photos,
    a rollover effect pops up reveling information about the photo including, author, time-stamp,
    caption and the number of likes.
  • Popular Instagram Feed Mode (Deprecated) –
    This feed mode pulls in the photos from the Instagram popular feed.
  • Tag Instagram Feed Mode –
    This feed mode allows you to specify a tag to search from the Instagram API.
  • User Instagram Feed Mode –
    This feed mode allows you to specify a user id to pull in photos from a specific user.
  • Multiuser Instagram Feed Mode –
    This feed mode allows you to specify multiple user id’s to pull in photos from specific users.
    Note, this feature does NOT allow load more functionality.
  • Location Instagram Feed Mode –
    This feed mode allows you to specify location id to pull in all photos taken in a given location.
  • Mobile Responsive –
    This plugin is fully responsive for mobile devices. This plugin scales down to accommodate
    you typical devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android. Launch the demo and try it yourself.
  • Customization –
    This plugin features an array of options for customizing your experience such as effect speed, delay interval, and alternate layouts. Upon purchasing this plugin, you will be provided excellent support and we’re always open to feature requests and contract work. In addition, this plugin comes with a three site templates for the different layout options. For the advanced users, feel free to use my CSS in your WordPress installation.
  • Intuitive & Easy To Use Admin Panel
  • Non Conflicting Plugin Design
  • Fast Loading Plugin Design
  • Iphone, Ipad, and Android Support
  • Fancybox Integration
  • Fullscreen Gallery Integration
  • Jquery Animations And Effects
  • 3 Site Template Bundle Included
  • Stand Alone JQuery Plugin Included

Real World Examples

  • United MMA
  • John Wall 2
  • Sweet Pea

Recent Changelog

API Enhancements – September 6, 2017

  • API square image enhancements.
  • Minor optimizations.

Update, Tutorial Video, Revised Documentation – November 1, 2014

  • WordPress 4.0 compatibility.
  • New video series included to quickly get you started.
  • New documentation which includes more screenshots and details.

Update – October 30, 2014

  • jQuery 1.9.0 compatibility and Instagram API Updates.
  • Mino bug fixes.



Nulled Instagram Theatre Free Download

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