Nulled LotterEase Free Download



Nulled LotterEase Free Download

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Nulled LotterEase Free Download

LotterEase is the perfect PHP script for turning anything into a lottery. Simply input the possible prizes and click draw and you will be returned a prize at random, but that’s only where it begins.
Unlike most lottery scripts you can choose the odds for different prizes, and you don’t have to do any of the math. Have a fun draw with only a single winner or have a long term draw with many small prizes but only a few large ones.
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Using Twitter

Twitter authentication has been added to LotterEase allowing you to choose one of your followers at random as the recipient of a prize. It does have its own method you will read about below but it basically calls the lottery function that is used to draw a prize at random and it passes it an array of your twitter followers

Remember, every request sent to Twitter’s API must be authorized. You will have to register a new application with Twitter, obtain a consumer key (identifies your app) and an access token (identifies a user of your app), and check to make sure that you are sending the values correctly.

Visit  Twitter Developer Portal  and register a new application. 
On the application settings page, click “Create my access token” to generate an access token and secret.
Copy the values for consumer key, consumer secret, access token, and access secret into the LotterEase config.ini file.

Full Integration Capabilities

LotterEase makes it easy to integrate a lottery style award system into any shopping cart or ecommerce system, and is a great way to entice more customers.

To use it just simply add a call to the LotterEase script from within your checkout process and it will give each shopper a randomized prize. This prize could be a percentage off the sale, a coupon for next time, or even a free addition to their order, but it is all done with a single call to this simple to use PHP script. The documentation goes in to great detail.

How It Works

LotterEase is really easy to use, just following these simple steps you can have a lottery based application.
Define your prizes
Define the odds of winning each prize.
Draw a prize, yes it is that easy.

LotterEase even tracks your past draw winners and includes a table to show your users who has previously won, what they won, and even when they won it. They can even see what prizes they could be lucky enough to win with the included prize table.

The Admin Section

This section is clean and simple to use. Create an entry change an entry or delete an entry, all at your finger tips. Everything is styled with bootstrap for easy flexibility and for that added smooth feel.

Built In Methods

The methods included in the LotterEase class make it easy to completely customize and integrate the addon in to your existing website.

Get an Array

Built in public methods let you access an array of prizes or of past winners easily so you can manipulate it however you need to.

Get the View

Place the prizes table or past winners table where you like with the methods returning the HTML for those component. Also with the right GET values you can change whether you see the admin or default area.

Get the Entry Total

A built in method for getting the total number of prize entries is great for toolbars and menus

Insert, Edit, Remove Prizes

Easily access these functions from wherever you need them, even easier with the comprehensive documentation.

Draw a Prize

It is literally as easy as 2 lines of code to get a random prize from a pool of your defined prizes.



Nulled LotterEase Free Download

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