Nulled Tech Music Kit Free Download

Nulled Tech Music Kit Free Download


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Tech Music Kit - 1

Tech Music Kit - 2

Tech Music Kit

Tech Music Kit is soft, calm and light track with acoustic piano, arpeggiators, pads, synth instruments, deep bass and drums. It created for corporate presentations, business, commercial, innovation, technology, science, medical and others modern projects, youtube and vimeo videos.

Tech Music Kit based on my original AudioJungle item: Tech

Tech Music Kit demos:

  1. Demo 1 (3:16);
  2. Demo 2 (2:10)
  3. Demo 3 (1:30)

Song Sections

  • 01_Intro (0:18) Synth instruments, bass, bass drum and piano intro section
  • 02_Verse_piano (0:18) Adding high hat and piano melody
  • 03_Verse_piano2 (0:18) Piano melody variation + adding dance pad
  • 04_Chorus (0:18) Chorus with piano melody + adding snare drum and electronic percussion loop
  • 05_Bridge (0:18) Soft synth bridge
  • 06_Bridge_short (0:18) Bridge short version
  • 07_Chorus2 (0:14) Adding drums and piano melody
  • 08_Chorus2_MelodyVariation (0:14) Piano melody variation
  • 09_Verse2_NoMelody (0:14) Chorus without melody
  • 10_Bridge2_Melody (0:19) Bridge section with piano melody
  • 11_Chorus3_Melody (0:19) Chorus 3 with piano melody
  • 12_Outro_Full (0:19) Outro with piano melody and drums
  • 13_Outro_NoMelody (0:19) Soft outro without drums and melody

Tech Music Kit

Tech Music Kit - 3

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