Nulled VERUS – Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme Free Download



Nulled VERUS – Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme Free Download

are you looking for VERUS – Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme nulled Free Download. if yes, then you can download VERUS – Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme right away.

VERUS – Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme Free Download is one of the best out there. so get Nulled VERUS – Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme Free Download


Nulled VERUS – Multipurpose Responsive Shopify Theme Free Download

VERUS is a high-quality, modern, multipurpose premium Shopify Theme. Highly customizable with advanced AJAX Product Filter and powerful Variant Selector.

If you’re looking for beautiful, designed with attention to every detail and developed using latest technologies theme – we got you covered. Skyrocket your sales with VERUS Shopify Theme!

Advanced AJAX Product Filter - Verus Premium Shopify ThemeSmart Variant Selector - Verus Premium Shopify Theme

What’s new?

VERUS New Features - v1.5.0

Responsive Shopify Theme

We built VERUS with principles of Responsive Web Design in mind. Your customers surf the Internet using mobile devices more and more, so give them seamless experience when browsing your online store on PC, tablet or smartphone.

Responsive Shopify Theme

Powerful Admin Panel

With this theme, you can change almost any color, add slides, client testimonials and enable or disable a lot of options. It’s super easy and no technical skills are required. You get powerfull admin panel at your disposal.

Shopify Powerfull Theme Customization Panel

Advanced AJAX Product Filter

There are a lot of Shopify Themes with AJAX-based product filtering. But there is only one with such an advanced one. We designed and developed that filter from the ground up with User Experience (UX) in mind. And the best part is – no configuration required! Enough speaking, see it in action here.

Shopify AJAX Product Filter

Smart Variant Selector

This is the next killer feature of our theme. We called this piece of code “smart”, because it is. When your customer selects one option, other matching options show up instantly. Again, we prepared a video to show you how it works.

Shopify Smart Variants Selector

Quick View

This feature lets your customers see the details of a product without navigating to the full product page. Quick View is fully integrated with Smart Variant Selector, Image Zoom and Lightbox.

Shopify Theme Quick View

With AJAX Search you get autocompletion while you’re typing in the phrase in the search box. It works with both Products and Articles.

AJAX Search for Shopify Theme

Product Suggestion on Scroll

This feature lets you choose a Collection from which one random product is suggested when user scrolls the web page down by 60%.

Suggested Product Appears on Scroll

Multiple Layouts

It’s your customer who decide which products layout is the best for him. You decide which one is displayed by default though.

Grid and List View for Products

Mega Menu

Having a lot of links to display? With Mega Menu you can divide them into sub-menus. There is a lot of space there, so collection of products will fit in as well. Yes, this is possible and really easy to accomplish.

Mega Menu with Products Display Support

Image Slider

Image Slider is a great way to showcase your latest products or important information. You can easily make slides with text, links and any product you want.

Image Slider for Shopify Theme

Best sellers, new arrivals or sale? You can showcase any collection of products with this carousel.

Carousel of Featured Shopify Products

Built-in functionality that lets you display related products carousel when your customer visits any product page.

Related Products

Image Zoom

With this feature, you give your clients ability to view your products in greater details than ever before.

Product Image Zoom

Google Fonts Support

If you’re not satisfied with the default font this theme uses, feel free to change it to any one available in the Google Fonts Library with just a few clicks.

Google Fonts Support

Client Testimonials

One of the best ways to atract new customers is to show them positive reviews of your business. With VERUS, you can display client testimonials on the front page with just a few clicks.

Client Testimonials Support


Want to share some thoughts with your clients or maybe review some products? It’s super easy with Shopify Blog and with this grid-based layout it looks beautiful.

Grid-base Blog Layout

Newsletter Pop-up

If you want to expand your customer base, it’s great to collect some e-mail addresses. With a custom pop-up it’s really easy. And once someone closes it, it stays hidden for the web browsing session.

Custom Newsletter Pop-up Shopify Theme

Multiple Currencies

With this option enabled, you can display drop-down with multiple currencies. As soon as one of them is selected, every displayed price is updated instantly. And it works with AJAX-based filtering as well.

Shopify Multiple Currencies

Product Reviews App Support

VERUS supports free Product Reviews App from Shopify. We integrated it seamlessly with every other component of this theme, so it works great even with products displayed using AJAX filter.

Shopify Product Reviews App

Custom Product Tabs

Besides Description and Ratings & Reviews tabs, you can add up to 3 more custom tabs. You can easily edit them using standard Shopify content editor to add headings, lists or tables.

Custom Product Tabs

Wishlist Support

Your customers may want to buy your products in the future. With Wishlist support you can give them opportunity to save any product on their private “wishlist”. And it’s totally free, without any third-party paid app to install.

Free Wishlist for Shopify

Google Map with Custom Marker Image

Want to display an interactive map with your store location? Now it’s very easy. Just provide a location coordinates and (optionally) upload an image that will point to that location on a map.

Google Map Support

Custom Password Page

Are you planning to make some store maintenance? You can protect it with a password and display a beautiful custom-designed Password Page with newsletter support.

Custom Password Page

Custom E-mail Templates

Whenever customer takes an action, i.e. resets his password or orders a product – he receives an e-mail. To be honest, plain text e-mails that comes default with Shopify aren’t that professional. We know that, so we designed and coded custom e-mail templates for every possible message Shopify sends to you and your customers. Improve customer experience under 5 minutes!

Custom E-mail Templates

SEO-friendly with Google Structured Data Support

Have you ever seen star rating on the Google’s search result page? Or product availability information and its price? It tells you immediately if a product is worth checking out or it meets your budged criteria. You can give your customers the same information when they search for your products online. VERUS will handle it for you!


6 months of support included!

With purchase of this theme you get 6 months of support included. If you don’t have technical skills, don’t worry. You won’t need them. VERUS comes with thorough documentation with step-by-step approach to help you set it up. But if still you’ll have some questions, we’re happy to answer them. We’re constantly working on new features for this theme, and once you buy it, you’ll get every future update for free!

What’s included with theme package:

  • High-quality VERUS Shopify Theme ready to install
  • Custom HTML E-mail Templates
  • Thorough documentation with a lot of images

Product Highlights:

  • Advanced AJAX Product Filter (100% unique to our theme)
  • Smart Variant Selector (100% custom code & design)
  • Grid and list view
  • Mega Menu
  • AJAX-based adding to cart and wishlist
  • Price Range Slider
  • AJAX Search
  • Image Slider with the ability to display any product
  • Products Carousel
  • Product Quick View
  • Beautiful Image Zoom Effect
  • Custom Product Tabs
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Google Map Support
  • Google Fonts Support
  • EU Cookie Message
  • Shipping Rates Calculator
  • Client Testimonials
  • Random Product Suggestion on Scroll
  • Vendors List Page
  • Accordion for FAQ Page
  • Instagram Feed
  • Newsletter Pop-up
  • Custom Password Page
  • Custom HTML E-mail Templates
  • MailChimp Newsletter Integration
  • Sticky Navigation
  • Highly customizable
  • Responsive Web Design
  • SEO Friendly with Google Structured Data support
  • Twitter Cards and Facebook Open Graph Support
  • Valid HTML5
  • Touch-enabled
  • Responsive Images
  • Well-documented
  • Translate-ready


For real-world examples of online stores using VERUS Theme, see the demos below:

  • DEMO 1 ( Clothing & Fashion )
  • DEMO 2 ( Accessories )
  • DEMO 3 ( Home & garden )
  • DEMO 4 ( Electronics )

Still not convinced? Please ask us a question here.


# [1.6.1] - 2016-12-03
- Added Translations for Months
- Fixed CSS Bugs
- Removed 45px Logo Height Limit

# [1.6.0] - 2016-11-26
- Added 'Display SKU' Option
- Fixed Breacrumbs Bug
- Fixed Variant Selector Bug with Old Price
- Fixed CSS Bugs

# [1.5.0] - 2016-08-27
- Filter Now Filters Only in the Current Collection e.g. /collections/sweaters/
Will Show Only Products From The Sweaters Collection
(so sidebar Collection box is no longer there)
- Asynchronous Font Loading For Faster Page Rendering
- Fixed Slow Loading on Collection Pages

## [1.4.0] - 2016-06-08
- Currencies Support for Price Filter
- Fixes Price Slider Bug When the Lowest and the Highest Prices Are The Same

## [1.3.5] - 2016-05-25
- Fixes Filter Error When Product Has No Images
- Fixes Zoom Effect Not Working in the Latest Chrome

## [1.3.4] - 2016-05-06
- New Options in Settings Panel
- Bug Fixes

## [1.3.3] - 2016-05-03
- Improved Search

## [1.3.0] - 2016-04-28
- Google Fonts Support
- Product Suggestion on Scroll
- AJAX Quick View
- Cart Preview
- AJAX Search

## [1.2.0] - 2016-04-22
- Custom Tabs for Product Page
- Vendors List Page
- Accordion for FAQ Page
- Google Map for Contact Page
- EU Cookie Message
- Back to Top Button
- Sticky Navigation
- Image Zoom for Product Page
- MailChimp Newsletter Integration
- Product Tags

## [1.1.0] - 2016-04-13
- Price Range Slider

## [1.0.0] - 2016-04-07
- Initial Release



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