Nulled WordPress Lucky Wheel Free Download



Nulled WordPress Lucky Wheel Free Download

are you looking for WordPress Lucky Wheel nulled Free Download. if yes, then you can download WordPress Lucky Wheel right away.

WordPress Lucky Wheel Free Download is one of the best out there. so get Nulled WordPress Lucky Wheel Free Download


Nulled WordPress Lucky Wheel Free Download

WordPress Lucky Wheel gives you the best solution to get emails address from visitors of your WordPress website. WordPress Lucky Wheel offers visitors to fill in their email addresses to spins for prizes. This is the best way to collect email from visitors on your site, they will be pleased to fill in their email address. The prize will be sent to visitors email automatically. Email addresses will be saved in back-end and can be automatically synced with MailChimp.


SPIN THE WHEEL: The main feature of the WordPress Lucky Wheel plugin, allow visitors to spin for prizes by fill in their email address.

  • Subscribe to spin: Visitors must fill in their email to spin the wheel. If they win, the prize will be sent to the email that they have just typed in so that can protect your site from spammers.
  • Spin to win coupon: After type in his/her email, the visitor will be able to spin the wheel.
  • Times Spinning Per Email: Decide how many time can customer spin the lucky wheel with an email address.
  • Delay Between Each Spin Of An Email: Select a time between a spin turn of an email address.

THE WHEEL POP-UP: The wheel pop-up is a small pop-up appears in a corner of your site, by clicking on it visitor will open the WordPress Lucky Wheel

  • Position: Select the position of the lucky wheel pop-up on the screen Top left, Top right, Middle left, Middle right, Bottom left, Bottom right.
  • Initial Time: Select the time for the pop-up to appear after the page is fully loaded.
  • Hide after a successful spin: Select a time for the pop-up to reappear after a successful spin.
  • Page to display: Choose to hide the pop-up on Frontpage/Homepage, Cart Page, Checkout Page, Single Product Page.
  • Conditional Tags: Use WordPress conditional tags to configure which pages where the pop-up will appear.

CUSTOMIZE THE LUCKY WHEEL: Configure the Wheel to works as you want with a lot of features.

  • Spinning Duration: Select the spinning time on front-end. The wheel will stop after this time.
  • Pieces Label: Enter the label for each wheel piece.
  • Remove/Clone Wheel pieces: Clone a piece with the same settings, this option will save you tons of time.
  • Drag and Drop pieces: Easily select the wheel piece position in the wheel by drag and drop it in the back-end.
  • Pieces Probability: The pieces size will be same but you can select the winning probability of each piece. The total of probabilities must be 100%.
  • Piece color: Pick up a color for each wheel piece, or let the plugin helps you with the auto-color feature.
  • Auto-color: Select the main color then WordPress Lucky Wheel will automatically pick similar colors for every wheel pieces.
  • Automatically Hide: The wheel will be hidden after successful spin.
  • Congratulation message: The wheel will display a congratulation message if the visitor wins some prize by spinning the wheel. You can customize this message with shortcodes.
  • Shortcodes:  Using these shortcodes to design the front-end message {prize_label}, {customer_name}, {customer_email}, {prize_value}.
  • Sorry message: If the visit hit the non-prize piece after spinning the wheel, WordPress Lucky Wheel will also display a sorry, better luck next time to them.
  • Lucky Wheel design: Custom the lucky wheel with wheel description (HTML supported), background color or image, center color, border color, border bot color.
  • SPIN NOW button: Custom the spin now button with text, background color, and text color.
  • Pointer design: Custom the pointer position (center, top, bottom, right) and color.

EMAILS: If a visitor wins a prize, there will be an automatical email sent to his/her email address that he/she has just typed in. The email includes the prize that they have just won or how to claim it. Visitor email address will be saved in the back-end and can be synced with MailChimp using MailChimp API key.

  • Sync with MailChimp: By fill in your MailChimp API key in the back-end, visitor email addresses can be synced to one of your MailChimp lists.
  • Design the winning emails: Customize the congratulation email with shortcodes.
  • Email shortcodes: Using these shortcodes to design the emails {prize_label}, {customer_name}, {customer_email}, {prize_value}.

AUTO-UPDATE: Fill in your Envato Purchase code in WordPress Lucky Wheel backend to enable the automatically update features.


    **v1.0.1 - 2018.05.05**
- Added: Select Google fonts
- Added: Class wp-lucky-wheel-popup-icon to embed in elsewhere
- Fixed: Responsive on mobile

**v1.0.0 - 2018.04.30**
- First release.



Nulled WordPress Lucky Wheel Free Download

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