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Nulled Web Pro Free Download


The ultimate web promo toolbox is here! With more than 130 premade layouts, including the most common devices like desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone, and more 500 animated icons the possibilities are unlimited!
WebPro will help you finish your project within minutes!

Please find attached 2 video tutorials included in .zip file so that you can have a closer look!

Web Pro Tutorial 01 “Customization“, Web Pro Tutorial 02
“Color Controls

Web-Pro Main Features:

  • 4 Ready to use Promo Examples
  • Fully Editable Animations (edit all keyframes)
  • 138 Pre-Made Scenes
  • 4K Hand Gestures
  • 580 Animated Icons
  • 4K Resolution
  • CS6 and Above Compatibility
  • Universalizer Controller
  • Color Controls Global/Local
  • Video Tutorials with voice over included

Web-Pro Controller Includes:

  • Shadow Opacity (slider)
  • Device Reflection Opacity (slider)
  • Text Color 1
  • Text Color 2
  • Background Color
  • Dots Color
  • Label Color 1, 2, 3
  • Transition Color 1, 2, 3
  • Web Screen Roundness (slider)
  • Web ScreenThickness (slider)
  • Web Screen Height size (slider)
  • Web Screen Width size (slider)

580 Animated Icons Categories:

  • App & Web
  • Business
  • Economy & Shopping
  • Education & Scince
  • Food
  • Medical
  • Social Media
  • Weather
  • Arrows
  • Security
  • Elections
  • Emoticons
  • Arrows
  • Adobe Suite Software
  • Christmas
  • 580 Animated Icons Controller Includes:

  • Icon Outline Animation A/B
  • Icon Outline Opacity (slider)
  • Icon Outline Width (slider)
  • Icon Outline Color
  • Icon Fill Color Opacity (slider)
  • Icon Fill Color 1,2,3
  • Outline Ramp On/Off
  • Outline Ramp Color 1,2
  • BG Outline Animation A/B
  • BG Rectangular/Circle
  • BG Rectangular Roundness (slider)
  • BG Outline Width (slider)
  • BG Outline Opacity (slider)
  • BG Outline Color
  • BG Fill Opacity (slider)
  • BG Fill Color
  • Big thanks goes to each and every one of music artists lised below:

      1st Example by ToucanMusic: Corporate Motivational,
      2nd example by Audio95: Upbeat Corporate,
      3rd example by ViP-Sound: The Upbeat Corporate,
      4th example by Art-Media: Corporate Technology,
      138 Ready-Made Layouts by ToucanMusic: Technology Background,
      580 Icons Presentation by Elyna: Abstract Technology


      tranmautritam for the inspired web screens used in the preview.
      Of cource these images are not included but can be purchased using here.

      Licence Information click HERE “Regular Licence”, “Extended Licence”



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